Nina Archer

SIGHTLINES: Nina Archer and Elizabeth Cowell

Sightlines is an exhibition of new paintings by Nina Archer and Elizabeth Cowell, which explores each artist’s connection to the different landscapes they inhabit.

Nina Archer is an abstract painter living and working in the borderlands of the Welsh Marches, a diverse landscape combining Welsh and English cultural influences with a distinctive geography of ridgeways, forested valleys, mountains and rivers. She uses elements from this landscape and combines these with abstracted forms often defined by the dramatic light, black shapes, accents of colour and the textural feel of this unique area.

Elizabeth Cowell lives and works in the Cotswolds. Nestled in the bucolic landscape of gently rolling hills and fields, her interest lies in the connection between a personal narrative embedded in the observation of her immediate surroundings. Taking over 3 years to complete, her current body of work focuses on the merging of seasons and involves a complicated and intrinsic process of layering, culminating in a series of intriguing and emotionally charged paintings.

While each artist is distinct in their process, colour and texture, it is their shared observation of landscapes and use of mixed media, that makes for a beautiful exhibition pairing.

SPRING Cheltenham

14 Rotunda Terrace, Montpellier Street, Cheltenham GL50 1SW

18-23 October  PV: 20 October 6-8pm