I am an abstract painter, living and working near Bishop’s Castle in the Shropshire hills. 

My work has a broad association with landscape and is resonant with marks made by cultivation, ancient and modern. The recent work is very much about my observation of the landscape close to me in the borderlands of the Welsh Marches, more specifically, what I see from my studio or experience on daily walks, particularly focusing on the shape and contour of the land, the textural layering from land cultivation, the linear forms, the darkness and contrast of the forested valleys, the accents of colour and the changing weather patterns.

I work building up multiple layers with palette knife and then sanding, scoring and erasing to reveal or obscure a memory of something previous. The textural detail and colour is used as a contrast, to focus or balance the composition and although the textures and colours are broadly from the landscape they are not used in any representational way. I like the idea that there are areas in the painting that may look flat from afar but when you examine them closely there is much more going on – the surface has been reworked and is often highly textured.

Through the application of layers of gesso, charcoal, acrylic, charcoal and graphite, there is always evidence of numerous adjustments and traces left behind. I am always aware of how important accident or the element of chance are, changing the direction of the work and often taking it down an unexpected route.