My work has a broad association with landscape and is resonant with marks made by cultivation, ancient and modern. The recent work explores how ancient structures sit in the landscape and how, with their solemn and weighty presence, evoke a sense of the figurative.

I work building up multiple layers with palette knife and then sanding, scoring and erasing to reveal or obscure a memory of something previous. I use elements of what I see, predominantly from the landscape, paring down to simple abstraction. Contrast and balance are an important part of the work – the juxtaposition of negative space with complex surfaces of textural layering. The ongoing conflict between order and chaos.

Through the application of multiple layers of gesso, charcoal, acrylic and graphite, there is always evidence of numerous adjustments and traces left behind. I am always aware of how important accident or the element of chance are, changing the direction of the work and often taking it down an unexpected route.

My training and background is in design and this has had a significant effect on my understanding of form, proportion and mark making and has been instrumental in the development of a graphic approach to the work.